The Dedication Party

Posted: August 15, 2013 in Art
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Despite the intense heat at Saturday’s dedication party in parking lot next to Inversion Coffee House, the folks attending looked cool. Perhaps in part because of the great wine and finger food, and of course the snow-cones. You can’t have an August party in Houston while the sun is still shining without snow-cones.



The art was complete.

Finished Art

Finished Art

art_0403 art_0412

The artist, Patrick Renner, looked happy.

Joan Son and artist Patrick Renner

Joan Son and artist Patrick Renner

H-Town Streats had their food wagon open.

Origami artist Joan Son and husband Wing

Origami artist Joan Son and husband Wing Tse

The music was provided by P.L.X.T.X. Pronounced “Pluto” – their website explains all: Venetian Snares to Aphex Twin (Come to daddy period) until Atari teenage riot. It is close to the fury of the sound crew of Alec Empire, drum’n’bass breakbeats as overwhelming rumbling explosions interspersed with crackling and larsens hyper-strident. genre – DIGITAL HARDCORE. The brains behind P.L.X.T.X is twenty two year old, Bradley Muñoz – Based from Houston, TX. P.L.X.T.X is reaching high with DIY strength. overcoming many obstacles & not letting his stutter get in his way. P.L.X.T.X is not sitting still here in America, but expanding as far as Europe & Japan. — P.L.X.T.X released a full length album titled, SELECTIVE MUTISM LP. — this full length shows how far P.L.X.T.X is taking his music with truth and dignity.

The heat did not dent the beat.Music D.J.

So I’ll let the pictures tell more.SAM_0405 SAM_0406 SAM_0411 SAM_0419 SAM_0421


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