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In each of my groups of cottage pictures there are cottages that I know will be torn down within weeks. I’ll keep you updated.

Please note as you look how the majority of cottages are lovingly well-kept. It isn’t easy to keep a hundred-plus year old house well-kept.

SAM_0656_0148 SAM_0658_0150 SAM_0660_0152 SAM_0661_0153 SAM_0662_0154 SAM_0663_0155 SAM_0664_0156 SAM_0665_0157 SAM_0666_0158 SAM_0667_0159 SAM_0668_0160 SAM_0669_0161 SAM_0670_0162 SAM_0671_0163 SAM_0672_0164 SAM_0673_0165 SAM_0675_0167 SAM_0676_0168 SAM_0677_0169 SAM_0685_0177 SAM_0686_0178 SAM_0687_0179 SAM_0688_0180 SAM_0689_0181 SAM_0690_0182 SAM_0691_0183 SAM_0692_0184 SAM_0693_0185 SAM_0694_0186 SAM_0695_0187 SAM_0697_0189 SAM_0698_0190 SAM_0700_0192 SAM_0701_0193


One day while on a walk I noted two cottages side by side that had “for sale” signs in the front yard. The next time I walked past they were tearing the cottages down. So I thought, why not put pictures up of all the cottages still existing. I’m not adding addresses because that isn’t cool. Unless the cottage is torn down, then I will add the address as a requiem.

This is the first set of cottage pictures for you to look at and hope it isn’t the last time to see them. More will follow as I make my way around the neighborhood.

SAM_0473 SAM_0618_0106 SAM_0617_0105

This is a new old house. You can see the mix of old and newer townhouses behind it.

SAM_0616_0104 SAM_0615_0103 SAM_0624_0112 SAM_0623_0111 SAM_0621_0109 SAM_0626_0114 SAM_0627_0115 SAM_0628_0116 SAM_0629_0117 SAM_0631_0119 SAM_0632_0120 SAM_0633_0121 SAM_0634_0122 SAM_0635_0123 SAM_0636_0124 SAM_0638_0126 SAM_0639_0127 SAM_0641_0129 SAM_0642_0130 SAM_0643_0131 SAM_0644_0132 SAM_0646_0134 SAM_0647_0135 SAM_0648_0136 SAM_0649_0137 SAM_0650_0138 SAM_0651_0139 SAM_0652_0140 SAM_0653_0141 SAM_0654_0142 SAM_0530_0145 SAM_0532_0147

This may be the house that was Cary Grant's favorite home in Houston. It feels Art Deco in style.