Walking the neighborhood one day I saw the “For Sale” signs at two cottages, side by side. The next week they were gone. This is now what is going up on the one lot. All this was quick. So fast I have no pictures of those two cottages. SAM_0826_0396

As you peruse the cottages below and on previous posts, you’ll note that each one is unique, at least on the outside. Some are the same, but you wouldn’t know it unless you saw the inside. Even a hundred years ago the neighborhood developers were building copies of houses. They would change them up with different porch configurations. There are even some houses in East Montrose that were mail-ordered out of the Sears and Roebuck catalog, the parts shipped here by train and assembled on the property. The average price for a two-story home from the Sears catalog was around $5,000 in 1903.

SAM_0777_0347 SAM_0778_0348 SAM_0779_0349 SAM_0780_0350 SAM_0781_0351 SAM_0782_0352 SAM_0783_0353 SAM_0784_0354 SAM_0786_0356 SAM_0788_0358 SAM_0789_0359 SAM_0790_0360 SAM_0791_0361 SAM_0792_0362 SAM_0793_0363 SAM_0794_0364 SAM_0795_0365 SAM_0796_0366 SAM_0797_0367 SAM_0798_0368 SAM_0799_0369 SAM_0800_0370 SAM_0801_0371 SAM_0802_0372 SAM_0803_0373 SAM_0804_0374 SAM_0805_0375 SAM_0806_0376 SAM_0807_0377 SAM_0808_0378 SAM_0809_0379 SAM_0810_0380 SAM_0811_0381 SAM_0812_0382 SAM_0813_0383 SAM_0814_0384 SAM_0815_0385 SAM_0816_0386 SAM_0817_0387 SAM_0818_0388 SAM_0819_0389 SAM_0820_0390 SAM_0821_0391 SAM_0822_0392 SAM_0823_0393 SAM_0824_0394 SAM_0825_0395






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