Three Cottage Obituary

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Architecture, Historical
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Here are short obituaries for two cottages obliterated since I began this project, and about one cottage that was torn down last year before The Cottages Project.

The first one at 501 West Drew took me by surprise. No one was upset to see the ugly apartments next door to it disappear but the little cottage was to become part of the builder’s project so it had to go, too. I look at this picture and how nice the columns were on the porch, and how nice the siding looked. I hope a lot of it was salvaged.

501 West Drew

501 West Drew


The next one at 2110 Converse, I was not devastated to see go because sad-to-say it had been in disrepair for so long that it needed a structural overhaul. I had been inside the house. There was cardboard on the ceiling (instead of ceiling) There were rags stuffed between the walls and floors where you could see the outside through the huge crack. Most of the interior walls had been rearranged, so were not original. The only thing original to the house that was visible inside were the stairs, and a lot of the railing had been removed. When it rained water came through from the upstairs to the downstairs (hence the cardboard). The outside siding was full of holes so that you could see the inside of the inside walls. The back door was permanently ajar because it could not close.

2110 Converse

2110 Converse


The back of the house.

The back of the house.

SAM_0859_0498 SAM_0866_0505

When I saw this next cottage the first time I thought it was so pretty. I loved the sea-glass color with the white trim and the gingerbread. The wrap-around porch was lovely. I met someone who had seen the inside of it and said the floors were original and in great shape. It had just been painted inside when the tractors came to rip it to shreds. The address was Crocker and West Drew.

100_2638 IMAG0165


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