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SAM_0701_0193 SAM_0761_0253 SAM_0760_0252 SAM_0759_0251 SAM_0758_0250 SAM_0757_0249 SAM_0756_0248 SAM_0755_0247 SAM_0754_0246 SAM_0753_0245 SAM_0752_0244 SAM_0751_0243 SAM_0750_0242 SAM_0748_0240 SAM_0747_0239 SAM_0746_0238 SAM_0745_0237 SAM_0744_0236 SAM_0743_0235 SAM_0742_0234 SAM_0741_0233 SAM_0740_0232 SAM_0739_0231 SAM_0738_0230 SAM_0737_0229 SAM_0736_0228 SAM_0735_0227 SAM_0734_0226 SAM_0733_0225 SAM_0732_0224 SAM_0731_0223 SAM_0730_0222 SAM_0729_0221 SAM_0728_0220 SAM_0726_0218 SAM_0724_0216 SAM_0723_0215 SAM_0722_0214 SAM_0721_0213 SAM_0720_0212 SAM_0719_0211 SAM_0718_0210 SAM_0717_0209 SAM_0716_0208 SAM_0715_0207 SAM_0714_0206 SAM_0713_0205 SAM_0712_0204 SAM_0711_0203 SAM_0710_0202 SAM_0709_0201 SAM_0708_0200 SAM_0707_0199 SAM_0706_0198 SAM_0705_0197 SAM_0704_0196 SAM_0703_0195   I have only taken pictures of cottages in East Montrose. I’m not through yet.


In each of my groups of cottage pictures there are cottages that I know will be torn down within weeks. I’ll keep you updated.

Please note as you look how the majority of cottages are lovingly well-kept. It isn’t easy to keep a hundred-plus year old house well-kept.

SAM_0656_0148 SAM_0658_0150 SAM_0660_0152 SAM_0661_0153 SAM_0662_0154 SAM_0663_0155 SAM_0664_0156 SAM_0665_0157 SAM_0666_0158 SAM_0667_0159 SAM_0668_0160 SAM_0669_0161 SAM_0670_0162 SAM_0671_0163 SAM_0672_0164 SAM_0673_0165 SAM_0675_0167 SAM_0676_0168 SAM_0677_0169 SAM_0685_0177 SAM_0686_0178 SAM_0687_0179 SAM_0688_0180 SAM_0689_0181 SAM_0690_0182 SAM_0691_0183 SAM_0692_0184 SAM_0693_0185 SAM_0694_0186 SAM_0695_0187 SAM_0697_0189 SAM_0698_0190 SAM_0700_0192 SAM_0701_0193