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2016-07-01  This neighborhood coffee bar is a great addition. They not only serve coffee and tea but wine and bear. The seating is comfortable. I love the lighting.

When asked about the wall art on the west wall, the owner, Garry Freeman, said that Karee Litke, his manager, did it. They believe in reusing and recycling. She cut, and stained with coffee, two-inch pieces of two by four and then glued them together to create an amazing wall piece that must be twelve feet high and twenty feet across. You have to see it. The other wall is devoted to local artists’ works.

The Argentina Malbec I had was perfect, not too high on the acidity and long on the fruit flavors. My husbands hand-brewed drip coffee was perfect, less acidic than anything from a machine.

This is a new place. Let’s be neighborly and give them a try.

The neighborhood has quite a few coffee bars. There is the Inversion coffee bar on Montrose. I’ve never had a good cup of coffee there, but sometimes if there is no food truck they have great breakfast tacos.

Food trucks use the Inversion Coffee House parking lot on a rotating schedule. My favorite is the Breakfast Burrito truck. I’ve heard good things about the Waffle Bus, too. My least favorite is RIPE. If you do up a sandwich with only vegetables that’s great, I love vegetables. But please don’t give me something that is supposed to “taste” like cornbeef that is made from soybean, or worse, beans. Yuck.

Baba Yaga’s has been around for over twenty years. I’ve been on-again-off-again with them for that long. The atmosphere has always been amazing, but their food is quality not-so-much. I could order the same salad three times and get a different salad each time as far as taste and what is in it. Though the menu stated clearly what I should expect that was never a guarantee. Now I understand they have new owners.

I’m so glad that Gratifi won’t be on the corner of Taft and Fairview any longer. I really liked Kevin a lot, but though he knew I was going to review his restaurant, he never went out of his way to provide me an exceptional meal or service. All the times I was in there when he was not there I found the meals dismally below par and the service frightful. I hope something goes into that prime spot that we can all sink our teeth into.

I will post a lot more neighborhood food reviews here as I go. Happy eating. Stay out of the heat.